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Daniel Figueredo, also known as your Human Body Mechanic, is a respected bodyworker and teacher in West Palm Beach, Florida. Daniel Figueredo is a skilled & experienced therapist who is dedicated to helping people get to the root cause of their pain and dysfunction. He has taught the whole massage therapy program in several schools in South Florida in English, and Spanish.  

He is an eternal student. Alternative, Functional, Integrative, Holistic Medicine, Bioenergetics, Muscle firing sequence reprogramming, broken down frequencies reprogramming, organ dysfunctions, are some of his passions…

He loves working with and helping clients with pain, movement and injury problems. He loves working with athletes and help them improve their performance, recovery. Over 10 years of experience eliminating pain and improving function both in clinic and in the gym. He holds credentials from numerous institutions.

Daniel loves it when he does an initial assessment and he can tell his client what is wrong with them, where it hurts, why client has that symptom, what is causing it, identify it, treat it, correct it while giving and education and providing patients with tools and knowledge, he teaches some great authentic home correctives based on therapy findings to rid them of that nagging pain for good. Daniel loves it when someone comes in pain and comes out relieved. Daniel loves when someone comes in anxious and comes out relaxed. He loves it when the results of his treatment matches or surpasses his client`s goals. He loves when people come to him and say things like You are an angel and pay with a genuine smile on their face. He also loves it when his clients respond better to touch and education than pills.

Three main services: 

1- Sports-Frequency Therapy

2- Pain Relief

3- Elite Chair/Table Massage 4 Events

Main Service – Sports-Freq Therapy – Power Beyond Dreams 

SportsFREQ is a product line made for Athletes, coaches, trainers and therapists / doctors working in Sports; it originates from ANF Therapy that has become the first choice of pioneer Therapists and Doctors worldwide when they want a Non-chemical and pro holistic treatment modality with instant Effect 

SportsFREQ gives you the possibility to improve PERFORMANCE, RECOVERY and prevent INJURIES without the use of chemical or organic substances. 

After decades of experience in professional sports we know what every PRO Athlete is looking for. Optimize PERFORMANCE, peed up RECOVERY time and prevent INJURIES. 

SportsFREQ is the new approach for treatment and optimization. If you are receptive to the therapy (as about 95%), your body will respond within 5 to 20 minutes from applying the treatment. You may also experience some detox symptoms. If you are taking any medication, the therapy’s effectiveness may be slowed down. 


To provide athletes with the ability to perform at maximum level and recover faster without organic or chemical substances. Through a unique and innovative method, this wearable device, increases the body’s signals and communication in the nervous system. By applying SFQ Discs with specific frequencies this method will improve the body’s resources and allow maximum performance level with minimum recovery time and less injuries.


To maximize the Individual Athletes potential, prevent injuries and strengthen their health combined with faster results and better endurance. The body can function optimally when the athletes are supported in the resistance against inflammation and stabilize and balance the body at a cellular level.

Preventing injuries and inflammation is key for the athletes to stay at top level for longer; the SportsFREQ Discs can assist that without use of organic or chemical substances. The SFQ Discs also decrease the body’s degeneration and aging process.` 

PERFOMANCE: is for Athletes who are looking for help to improve the overall performance, the strength of certain muscle groups and to be able to perform with better capacity.

• Improve your performance up to 80% 

• Optimize nitric oxide production

• Optimize Blood circulation

• Optimize lung function

• Optimize Heart function

• Improve lymphatic function

• Optimize RBC production

• Optimize organ function

• Maximize cellular energy production

RECOVERY: is for Athletes who are looking for faster and better recovery, lactic acid prevention and less stress after performance. 

Less muscle complaints, decreased training or match pain and improved sleep quality are key in a good recovery.

• Prevent injuries 

• Shorter recovery time

• Help body’s ability to self-repair

• Optimize cellular antioxidants

• Reduce Lactic acid

• Optimize immune system

• Reduce or prevent pain

• Prevent stomach problems

• Prevent cramps

• Improved sleep quality

• Remove physical stress

INJURY: is for Athletes who have acute or chronic injuries or any inflammation problems. The SportsFREQ frequencies can reach inflammations and injuries in all soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

Help / Prevent / Rehab: 

• Pain free rehabilitation

• Shorter injury time

• Regain strength faster

• Counteracts muscular degeneration

• Prevent stress injuries

• Lower risk of ACL injuries

• Remove inflammations

• Use for ligaments, muscle tissue, swelling or scar tissue

• Inflammation prevents optimal performance and recovery

• Rehab training without risk of increasing the injury

• Detox symptoms (not seen often in athletes)

MENTAL: is for Athletes who feel stressed or over excited or suffer from anxiety before a game. Find a better balance in 

their overall mental state or want to improve mental focus and clarity during performance.

• Improve concentration

• Optimize optic nerve function

• Optimize mental balance

• Refocus nervous system priorities

• Prevent mental stress

• Optimize mental performance

• Optimize mental focus

• Remove excessive thoughts

• Prevent performance anxiety…

Two other main services: 

2- Pain relief 

3- Innovative Massage 4 Events, reunions, fairs, family get-together, corporate wellness...

For more info, please feel free to visit sites. 

Our goal is to deliver the largest amount of results in the least required sessions. We proudly devote time to our clients’ education as well, using and providing a variety of resources, modalities, correctives and techniques to improve posture, decrease or eliminate pain, prevent injuries, move and perform better. 

The goal is to help each person achieve optimal performance and to improve overall quality of life.


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