Kery K.

Wellness Coach

About Kery K.

Coaching you to healthy habits that STICK! At http://www.yourhealthpath.com your coaching program is delivered through the magic of technology so there's no commuting! From anywhere in the world you can improve your:

*Energy, *Sleep and *Immune System and your *Ability to Reach your Goals... by working with Coach Kery! 

You'll learn healthy habits that stick and get a real-food education to serve you well beyond your coaching program. Coach Kery educates groups (corporate wellness/event workshops) and individuals. 

*As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), a licensed Wellcoach® and a registered yoga teacher (RYT) Coach Kery helps people make real transformations in their lives. 

Life evolves for all of us, so mastering change is critical. Since changing can be tough — having a coach literally stacks the deck in your favor. Having a coach increases your success rate! 

If you have BIG goals in life and you find yourself feeling too busy, too stressed and wishing for MORE vitality in your life then you need a wellness coach! 

Get consistency with the healthy habits that have been evading you so you can reach your goals! 

Discover what is REALLY possible for you! Take action and book your FREE 20-minute exploration call today at info@yourhealthpath.com 

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