Tracy L.

Mindset Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Speaker

About Tracy L.

My professional experience connecting with people began in talent acquisition, employee relations, and leadership in the corporate world. My roles ranged from recruitment for large national organizations to vice-presidencies in highly-reputable healthcare firms.

I knew it was time to step into my fear, find my power, and live in an extraordinary way. For me, that was achieved by becoming a Certified Mindset Coach. My innate gifts of connection, intuition, and inspiration defined my destiny – to support individuals and organizations in becoming extraordinary, however that is defined by them.

Mindset Coaching:

• Break old patterns, making way for new perspectives and opportunities

• Learn how to run your mind so it doesn’t run you

• Cultivate a phenomenal relationship with yourself

Rapid Transformational Therapy:

• Connect with subconscious to free yourself from limiting beliefs

• Heal old traumas

• Break free of habits and behaviors that don’t serve you

Available as a Speaker:

• A unique style of direct and straight at the heart

• Wake you up, break you out of your victim and into empowerment

To say I’m excited to hear from you is an understatement. Reach out, we have lots to do! 

954-540-2905 or tracy@thelittfactor.com


Palm Beach

Fort Lauderdale

Palm City

Lake Worth