Stephene K.

Marketing Strategist, MPH

About Stephene K.

My name is Stephene Klein, MPH, and I have 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurship & Marketing.  

First, I am specialist in the niche areas of Health, Wealth & Wellness. 

Second, I am extraordinarily passionate about working with health and wellness professionals to strategically create cutting-edge marketing campaigns and experiences.

Have you been contemplating how you can stand out in a crowd, increase profitability and do it all within a price you can afford? 

If your intention is to create massively positive impact and you are in the health, wealth or wellness business, we’re here to help!


*Comprehensive consults to help identify gaps and opportunities.

*Strategic marketing plans that include a project plan with timelines and cost analysis.

*World Class Experiential Event Creation

*Digital & Social Media Management 

*Public Relations & Media Management 

*Brand Reputation Management 

*Collaborative Partnership Creation

*Coaching & Consulting




Boca Raton