Simm G.

Acupuncture Physician

About Simm G.

~ Loving to be of service to others, by promoting healing ~  thru Acupuncture, massage & the “Alpha-Stim” ~ Along with activities involved with creating Music, with my honey, Doug Tessler ~ for Yoga classes ~ & other events ~ incorporating the healing frequencies of our Healing Singing Tibetan Prayer Bowls & Angel Harps, 

Also, Teaching QiGong ~ creating professional Videos & Photography; Helping the elderly & sharing information about healthy alternatives, diets, essential oils, & herbs.

I am an Acupuncture Physician - offering Not just Acupuncture treatments ~ but also Massage & Alpha-Stim treatments, Qi Gong & sacred breathing exercises ~ guided group meditations, for stress relief & alternative information about diet & herbs -  & along with professional video production ~ working with my husband - The Amazing Musical Savant ~ Doug Tessler - a multi instrumentalist - who loves to create healing music & together ~ with our Healing Singing Tibetan Bowls & with my Angel Harp & other techniques - such as Qi Gong exercises & breathing techniques ~ chanting & the Alpha-Stim ~we create Sound healing ~ and Also Share ~ information about nutrition & diet & herbs ~ sharing with others, that how we walk on the planet - affects our health & the health of our planet and every living thing all around us ~ in the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

- We are all connected. ~ & I want to be part of the solution, Not part of the problem~ Basically ~ I believe, we are all here to help walk each other home❣️

Hoping for new projects ~ Like being involved with starting a live streaming Video show ~ being involved with learning how to be better organized & How to be able to make more $ easier - & Letting go of "stuff" effortlessly & lovingly, in a sacred magically easy way.