Shaina W.

Social Media Influencer, Food and Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Writer

About Shaina W.

I created the Take A Bite Out of Boca brand in December of 2011 as a vehicle for sharing recipes and write-ups to support and promote local restaurants. In the past (almost) seven years, it's grown to include freelance writing for multiple local publications, hosting events at various restaurants in the area, and attending the best of the best in South Florida culinary events. I've started incorporating more lifestyle content, including health and wellness, fashion and beauty, focusing mainly on supporting local businesses and helping to increase their exposure in South Florida. With a combined following of almost 30k, I am able to use Take A Bite Out of Boca as an outlet to "support local" to both South Florida residents as well as those out-of-state who travel here or live here part-time and are looking for things to do, communities to be part of, and of course, places to eat. I am available for freelance writing opportunities, event hosting/promotion, restaurant and culinary event coverage, fashion and health/wellness services coverage, brand collaboration, social media promotion, recipe development, travel opportunities, and media partnerships.