Rochelle S.

Integrative Coach, CMIC

About Rochelle S.

Coach Rochelle Schwartz, CMIC, has been doing shadow work coaching with the The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching for the past 19 years! She is proud to have been a guest on The Oprah Show! "What an exciting experience to have been Oprah's guest sitting on that beautiful leather couch talking about living a fulfilling life." -Rochelle Schwartz Coach Rochelle prides herself in the work she conducts. Her speciality is working with women in all phases of their life, whether they are single, married, divorced, or have lost loved ones. Every program she coaches reflects a personal experience that she has endured, which is why she is able to connect with her clients on an emotional level. Coach Rochelle offers several opportunities for healing through her programs, as outlined below: Healing Your Heart Coaching (13 weeks) Individual or Tele-classes: You are the one who needs to accept "what is" instead of "resisting it", in order to move forward in any area of your life. When you face the things that you are resisting and see it for "what it is", you are on your way to emotional freedom. This coaching model supports those going though divorce by addressing the seven spiritual laws including: acceptance, surrender, divine guidance, responsibility, choice, forgiveness and creation. Blue Print Coaching (13 weeks) Individual coaching: Stripped of your limitations, outdated beliefs, fears, and heartache, you are left in the greatness of your authentic self. Courage Coaching (9 weeks) Individual coaching: Transform weakness to strength, insecurity to confidence, and fear to courage. Encourage( 9 weeks) Group Coaching: To unlock the courageous warrior that resides in each and everyone of us. Future Focus Coaching (6 weeks) Individual or Tele-classes: The power of this work is to achieve one significant result in your life in a relatively short time. It covers your vision, goals, expectations, beliefs, and excuses for not moving forward in your life. Returning To Love (New Program) Mid-Life Transitioning (6 weeks) Individual, groups or tele-class: Take this journey you will receive proven techniques and huge results. Its about Mid-life transitiioning and remembering who we are, your desires, dreams and not putting off one more time that we can't and don't have the time for ourselves. Your the most important person and its a must that you take care of yourself and the self-care you give to yourself. It's all about not putting off one more minute that you matter and that you come first and to Love all of who you are. The Soul of a Woman (1day) This intimate workshop is where women will receive more acceptance of the their body, passages of life, love of self, love of others, and gratitude through interactive exercises and yoga. You can watch a one-minute video of the experience on my website: www.rochelleschwartz.com Free Consultation (half hour) One-on-one consultation with Coach Rochelle herself. YOU'RE WORTH A MILLION POUNDS OF GOLD (By Debbie Ford)


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