Julie W.

Personal Trainer

About Julie W.

Peak Health 360 was conceptualized when family, friends and kids began asking for fitness ideas to prepare for events or maintain healthy lifestyles. Whether someone is training for their first half marathon, celebrating a special occasion, or looking to live life at their best, Peak Health 360 prepares programs to fit each individual's lifestyles and abilities. Custom workouts can be accessed in many ways, whether at your office, in a gym, or live-online complete with video demonstrations, modifications, additional challenges, and nutritional support. Peak Health 360 offers 'Workouts Wherever', for those traveling frequently, or to unfamiliar places, so there is no interruption in routine. The custom, adaptive, and functional workouts enhance existing fitness routines, therefore benefitting even the most elite athletes. Wherever you are, whatever your time, Peak Health 360 can get any dedicated client life ready!