Katia S.

Massage Therapist

About Katia S.

I specialize in Mercier Therapy, a Fertility Massage for women which helps couples who are trying to conceive. It works for endometriosis, stress incontinence, amenorrhea, scar tissue and adhesions from c section, hysterectomy, etc.

I also have a Masters in Lymphatic Drainage, a technique that is very beneficial for post-surgery cosmetic, fat reduction, cellulite, and water retention.

I have a background in Psychology and a MD in Jung allied with Bodywork, using Energy Work as a tool, which helps with Anxiety, Depression, PTDS, Drug addiction etc.

I love to do custumized Massages to target the spots addressing different techniques to reach my client’s goals.

Hope you look for me to have an incredible treatment & unforgettable experience.