Lizzette S.

Health & Fitness Coach

About Lizzette S.

Welcome! My name is Lizzette. I am married to an amazing man, Carlos. Whom we have two handsome boys - Lazaro age 8 & Sebastian age 6! - We’ve moved quite a bit with the military and after 15 years, we are HOME (FL)!!! I LOVE to bake/cook and get my creative juices flowing in the kitchen. I get that from my grandma. - I have a Masters in Finance - Through my journey, I've shed 20 lbs and have finally love the woman starring at me in the mirror! I have traveled with my business through the past two moves, DC & FL, and grown it from my kitchen table while raising my boys. All because I was a mom tired of reliving the same day over and over (you know.. today is going to be different, but it is not). Today, I am a successful health and fitness business owner. It became my passion to empower women through health & business and mentor women to growing their very own successful business from home (or where there is wifi). ;)