Lissette G.

Designer & Stylist

About Lissette G.

I have been working as the General & Marketing Manager for The Wellbeing Space Wellness Studio for the past 2 years. I am also the Creative Assistant and Event Coordinator for The PPI Group, a media and publishing company. 

My passion is design, fashion, and entertainment and I have been doing freelance graphic design work for several businesses, including The Wellbeing Space. 

I take pride in my honesty, loyalty, and integrity with my clients and am willing to give them the best product with the most rewarding results for their business or event. 

I loves to work with businesses I believe in and help grow them into successful foundations for the future. 

I specialize in graphic design work, social media marketing, fashion consulting, interior design consulting as well as storage organization.


South Florida

Boca Raton

Delray Beach

Coral Springs

Pompano Beach

Ft. Lauderdale


boynton beach