Kris V.

Co-Founder of Metapyshical Healing Insitute of Palm Beach

About Kris V.

Lifestyle Mindset Coach Kris Victoria, Kris Victoria​ Co- Founder of Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach, was born in Minsk, Belarus and raised in Brooklyn, NY, as the daughter of immigrant parents in a strict Russian household. She has always pursued a passion for self-growth, and her natural curiosity led her to investigating the magic of manifestation from an early age. A practitioner of Reiki, Kris Victoria has learned to transmute the darker corners of a lonely childhood into an adulthood guided by service, delighting in the works of spiritual mentors and mindset masters Alan Watts, Louise Hay, and Napoleon Hill. “I find a way to always see the Light in all things.” She sets herself apart from the pack in any field of life coaches through her 15 years of work in Hospitality, her study of Business Administration and significant business management experience, from 4 years of managing 170 residential and 5 commercial properties to the full time management of a Staging/Audio/Lighting service company with 2 franchise locations in central and south Florida. Kris Victoria grew to realize that there was a much larger calling for her, and committed herself to personal journey of transformation that continues to this day- she is ALWAYS doing the work within herself to strip away all that she is NOT in order to fully become who she is meant to be, and says: “I support people in remembering who they are, limitless, and stepping into fully embodying their greatness.”


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