Kelly J.

Soul Coach, Akashic Records Consultant & Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker

About Kelly J.

Kelly S. Jones is a consultant, teacher, healer, speaker and author serving our global community.  After graduating from Virginia Tech with a BS in Marketing and ten years in corporate America, Kelly began extensive studies in metaphysics and soul work. 

She earned 40+ certifications in Classical Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Hypnosis, Reiki, Soul connections and Akashic Records Consultations and in 2009 became an Ordained Minister.  Establishing her own company in 2000, Kelly serves a global community of businesses and individuals with Feng Shui by creating transformative spaces that align with prosperity, greatest potentials and wellbeing.  Since 2002 she provides one-on-one soul guidance for both personal and professional needs. 

Over the years, Kelly has taught Feng Shui and Akashic Records Workshops.  Between 2011-2013, Kelly conducted monthly gatherings of 20-70 people for the purpose of soul awareness, consciousness expansion and healing, out of which her co-authored book Akashic Records Soul Dialogues:  Creating Heaven on Earth Now was birthed. 

Residing in Boca Raton, FL she now offers Soul Guidance Workshops and a TV/Radio Show ~ The Kelly S. Jones Show.  Join her newsletter to learn more at www.KellySJones.net.   


Boca Raton