Julie L.

Global Entrepreneur & Beauty Industry Recruiter

About Julie L.

I am a former Sales Support Coordinator who enjoyed her career and the ability to be a full partner in contributing to our household income. But I felt as though I was trading time for money and attempting to do it all as a wife, mom and a professional. Life-balance was a constant struggle, 24 hours was just not enough every day and I wanted something more - that I could build and sustain for our family's future - on my terms.

In 2015, I took a leap of faith, deciding that there was a better way and that I could achieve time and financial freedom to be fully present for our family. I began building a business alongside my full-time career, partnering with world-renowned doctors in their newest global brand. I am now a full-time mom and CEO of my own global skincare business.

One of the benefits of my business is helping others to find what they want more of out of their lives, and own their own 24 hours in the day. I empower others to start and run their own businesses, creating the opportunity for financial and time freedom, personal and professional growth, as well as life balance

Today, my business thrives. I'm more professionally fulfilled than I have been in many years. And I continue to be a financial contributor to our family - but on my terms and my time. And the vision of what's to come has never been more reachable and exciting than I thought possible.




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