Emilia L.

Transformative Health Coach.

About Emilia L.

Emilia Lujan is an advocate for animals and people alike. Her mission is to support the well-being of the community, animals, and the planet by providing you with the most relevant information for their personal growth and development.

Emilia is passionate, knowledgeable, and determined to heal the world through her expertise and experience in enhancing your body and mind. Her curiosity to grow, and expand has taken her on a quest of learning how to heal her mind, body, and spirit through whole foods plant-based nutrition, conscious living, and energy psychology. She utilizes her expertise in social media marketing, brand development, video, and event production to pass on the message to others seeking optimal well-being. She has a BA in Public Relations and Advertising, MA in Media Studies and a certificate in Whole Foods Plant-Based nutrition from Cornell Universty. Also, she practices Psychological Kinesiology and is a certified Psych-K® Facilitator.

MindBody Expo 

We are a movement-induced organization looking to inspire others on sustainability, wellness, and healthy living.

Our community-driven events are designed to nurture the minds of individuals looking to live an inspired life of health, love, and compassion. In support of our vision, we provide specialized services to enhance health, wellness, and sustainability businesses to enroll people into our movement effectively.

We partner with:

  • Influencers
  • Progressive businesses 
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • And community-driven organizations

With our strengths and diversity, we can effectively create the necessary dynamics to ensure a brighter and more successful future in our communities.

learn more at mindbodyexpo.org

My Vegan Daily

My Vegan Daily is an online conscious community that provides the tools and the resources that you need to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

On our website hosts:

  • A growing community of like-minded people.
  • An arsenal of recipes 
  • Content that provides important information about living a healthy, cruelty-free, and sustainable lifestyle.
  • A store with products recommended by me to support you on your path to optimal living. 
  • Also, we are currently developing a full directory of conscious and progressive businesses and an events calendar of local and community-driven events.

Emilia provides daily tips about plant-based living on My Vegan Daily's Instagram and a library of videos about her expertise on veganism on YouTube. Links to My Vegan Daily's social media are linked below.  

Learn more at myvegandaily.com