Dr Nicole R.

Doctor of Chiropractic with postgraduate focus on Wellness Lifestyle Programs including Functional Nutrition, Functional Endocrinology, Pediatrics.

About Dr Nicole R.

No matter what your age or health issues, you can change the future of your health and ultimately the course of your entire life. My goal is for you to have health independence. I am very passionate about your family’s wellness and in educating you about the truth when it comes to your health, that you're in control!  Empowering others through lifestyle programs is what we do!  We use functional lab testing to reveal your specific needs while giving you the foundational tools and methods in achieving true health and healing.  In addition, my team and I provide mentoring and coaching through the process.  You are totally supported as you change your lifestyle and understand the WHY behind the changes. If you want different results, you must break free from the broken health care system and do something different!


Boynton Beach and I can help you where ever you are! Our programs can be done successfully from ANYWHERE!