Meredith K.

Spirtual Wellness Entrepreneur

About Meredith K.

Since starting my practice of coaching, kundalini yoga, meditation, and bodywork nearly 20 years ago, I have come to understand that each individual is as tender, complicated, and beautiful as a tree leaf. I have also learned through working successfully with hundreds of deeply troubled and traumatized individuals that, like a leaf derives strength from its connection to the unmovable tree, we heal and rise indomitably by connecting to the ONE unmovable CREATOR who lives in each one of us. 

Life can be overwhelming, exhausting, and sometimes even traumatizing, but I’m here to guide you through those obstacles. My goal is to help you get to living with peace and joy through a stronger energetic connection to yourself and the Wholeness already in you. We will together design and use a plan that WORKS for you comprised of counseling, bodywork, breathing, yoga, and nutrition.