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Our company's main offerings are:

  • pharmaceutical grade supplementation
  • medical grade weight loss
  • nutrigenomic testing

This program is ideal for practitioners seeking to incorporate wellness into their practices. Extensive research indicates that over 75% of patients are already purchasing nutritional supplements. However, many of these patients are uncertain which supplements to purchase and which are quality products, and would therefore greatly benefit from the advice of their healthcare provider. Implementing a nutraMetrix program enables providers to offer patients a nutritional program utilizing top quality supplements, while at the same time creating financial benefit for the provider and/or practice. Every product is scientifically formulated based on clinical research and are manufactured consistently with regard to with purity, quality, potency, and composition. Three levels of quality control along with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are employed.


NutraMetrix utilizes unique science - based customized nutritional programs. The practice will have the continued assistance of a highly qualified NutraMetrix Consultant. This consultant will help integrate, support, and customize systems into the practice and will train your staff at no cost to the practice. The program also provides the practice with a professional website/portal where patients can reorder products that are suggested by their physician, review detailed information about nutrition, and complete questionnaires to learn more about their personal nutrition needs. DNA-directed supplements based upon personal Gene SNP DNA Analysis are also available. A science based low glycemic weight management program is available.


NutraMetrix’ patented Isotonic-capable delivery system offers by far the best absorption available on the market today leading to patient results, satisfaction, increased compliance, and reorders. The financial benefit to practices resulting from such patient satisfaction and compliance cannot be overlooked in our day of escalating operational costs. 


Please feel free to visit www.nutraMetrix.com and, www.nutrametrix.org/ the website of a not-for-profit Educational Institute which the company supports. There is a CME and CEU accredited course to help educate physicians on nutritional supplements through the nutraMetrix Educational Institute or nEI. Given the recent increase in patient interest in nutritional supplements, this program is certain to be helpful to many of your colleagues.

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