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Divine Fitness - Personal Training Studio, coMra Laser Therapy

About Damon D.

Divine Fitness, making the world a healthier place, one person at a time!"  With a concentration on the mind-body connection, our specialty is providing – to each and every client – personalized strength and fitness training along with motivational coaching.

Our Approach.  For us, personal training is a passion, not a job.  We care.  We offer clients a boutique-style training approach focused only on their fitness which also lets us to do what we do best – create workouts tailored to match each client’s needs and goals.  Our quiet, non-commercial studio provides a private setting where clients feel comfortable as they workout.  

Cold Laser Therapy.  Divine Fitness’ commitment to healthful living also led it to offer clients cold laser therapy treatments via coMra-Therapy.  This safe, effective and well-respected therapy has emerged as a premiere tool for providing non-invasive therapies which support the body's natural healing.  Clients are finding this therapy beneficial in treating conditions ranging from acute injuries to chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, nerve damage and so much more.

At Divine Fitness, your first session is always on us!  Step up to becoming the best version of yourself today – your tomorrow will thank you!  Remember, that first session is free – what are you waiting for?

Divine Fitness: Making the World a Healthier Place, One Person at Time!
Divine Body and Mind.
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