Bianca D.

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist & Nutrition

About Bianca D.

Born in Africa and being part of a competitive sporting family, it is imperative that, not only the professional athletes, but the weekend warriors keep themselves in ultimate health both inside and out. This includes children who are driven harder and further than ever before.

We have lost our way when it comes to meshing our ability to not only perform at highest levels but to do this successfully through vital nutrients that every cell requires. 

Injuries are sky high and many athletes are playing their sport in pain, thus further damaging the structure of the body. The musclular and fascia system need to be in balance for people to move and function in a healthy manner, way into their twighlight years.

Even though I work with a lot of professional athletes, everyone wants their health to be long lasting. From childhood to 100 everyone can and should benefit!


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