Launch Kit

Launch Kit

We’ll help you get started!

We know that starting something new can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your business. So we’ve created our Launch Kit to help you get up and running on Rooster, so can you start getting new business. Press “Get Started” to activate your launch code.

What’s Included in the Launch Kit:

(10) $10 Rooster funded gift cards

One of the best ways to launch your business on Rooster is to get your clients booking. This will not only lead to a much simple way to manage your clients but it will also lead to the reviews you need to get new clients. When clients see reviews on your profile they are much more likely to trust and book you. And who better to leave a review than your best clients.

Once you’re signed-up you can go to the Launch Kit page in your back office and select “Get Started” to activate your launch code. This unique code can be used by 10 different clients to get $10 0ff one of your services. You can share the code with the provided gift cards (you’ll get these in your launch kit box), via email or social media. Your code will be active for 60 days from activation.  

Thanks you Cards

We recommend writing a personalized thank you card to give to your clients with the $10 gift card. You may be surprised by how much of a genuine acknowledgement of your appreciation for their business will impact them.  We provide the thanks cards and envelopes and gift cards, simply write a personalized note and deliver!

Make $1000, Keep $1000

The first $1000 you make on Rooster is completely fee free!  Our goal is to help your business grow, so we want you try Rooster out with zero hesitation or risk. No matter how you get booked we will cover the credit card and Rooster referral fees. Once you’ve completed your 60-day launch kit we will send you a check for any fees accrued. 

One-on- One Support

Sit down with a Rooster team member to set goals and optimize your profile. We are here to support you; our goal is help make your dreams become reality. 


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